We’re distinctive in speed, accuracy and self-learning software.


Manually filling a tray to add small amounts of medicines to a drug distribution system is labour-intensive and time-consuming. This is particularly true because errors slow down the process at a later stage and can have serious consequences for patients.

With TraySee, it is easier, more accurate and time efficient. She is as accurate and controls the manual addition in real-time, making an in-process control of the filling almost superfluous.

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Pouch Inspector

This is our a stand-alone inspection machine that scans the packaged pouches, verifies the content of the pouches with the ordered medication and customer details and documents the results for further reference.

A roll of pouch strips is placed on the Pouch Inspector. It will instant scan photographically up to 5 pouches per second (up to 300 pouches per minute). No need to push a button, just swipe it through the machine.

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To increase the-medication-to-patient-process efficiency the Cut&Roll will separate pouches per patient automatically. It works seamlessly with the Pouch Inspector which makes the production process even better.

Directly from the Pouch Inspector to the Cut&Roll, pouch rolls are cut and divided in smaller rolls per patient, intake time and location, which makes verification easier.

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We developed
the Pouch Inspector, incredibly fast and highly accurate.


(5 per second)

2018 Pouch Inspector Blisterpartner

Combines with all known packaging machines.

Pouch Winder with Spool Spinner round

Training & support

Benefit from our many years of practical experience in the medication pouch-packaging. Into our service we have implemented the training needed. After sales is an important part of our proces concept.

Safety and accuracy

Working with medicines, safety is the most important aspect in which we claim to be one of the best. We perform highly sensitive scans on shape, size and color using the latest scanning technique.

Up-to-date software

We keep the software up-to-date to increase the functionality of the various systems. Therefore we are flexible and can offer custom made solutions.

Aesthetic Design

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Aesthetic is as important as functionality. A combination of carefully selected materials in a compact design makes our products easy and pleasant to use.

User friendly

Hardware and software have been (and will keep on being) optimized and put to the test to minimize the needed training. Intuitive functionality is an important part of our design process.

Time saving

All our products are faster and more efficient than their competitors. We have accomplished this by developing a state of the art, self-learning software with the newest surface analysis histograms.