Most technical problems can be solved by shutting down the systems using the following instructions. So we advise you to start with Step 1.

•  Close the Pi Gui

•  Shut down the computer via Windows, Start, Shut Down

•  Click on the button on the front of the Pouch Inspector to shut down the Pouch Inspector

•  Unplug the electric cable at the back of the Pouch Inspector

•  Unplug the electric cable at the back of the Cut&Roll (if you have a Cut&Roll)

•  Wait for the computer to have shut down completely (no flickering lights)

•  Plug the electric cable to the Pouch Inspector

•  Plug the electric cable to the Cut&Roll

•  Turn on the computer (and wait for 20 seconds) and turn on the Pouch Inspector

•  Open the Pi Gui

•  Press the black reset button on the Cut&Roll

A1 – Make sure that there’s a clear print. In case of an unclean print head on the packaging machine a vertical line is often not printed. The line can be very small and still cause problems.

A2 – Make sure the batch is finished on the production machine.

A3 – Make sure a barcode is printed on the pouches. Without a barcode the Pi doesn’t work.

A4 – Make sure the backlight is clean. Print ink may accumulate as small stripes on the backlight. The backlight can be cleaned with a moist towel (water will do).

A1 – It’s probably a new batch and the packaging machine is still processing the information needed for the Pouch Inspector. This can take a while, leave this batch for a few minutes and try again.

A2 – Advanced: go to the c:piimportbackupnotok map and locate any files for the day. Copy the files to the import folder of the batch importer. May vary per implementation.

A1 – Make the roll tighter before entering it into the Pouch Inspector.

A2 – There’s an optional hardware update to use our discs instead of rolls on a bare core, please contact Blisterpartner for more information.

A – Please contact Blisterpartner, there’s a hardware update available.

A1 – Make sure the emergency button (red button) is on, rotate it counterclockwise.

A2 – Click the reset button (black button) on the front of the Cut&Roll.

A3 – Press “Reset the Cut&Roll” on the touchscreen.

A4 – Restart the Pi Gui.

A5 – If these answers won’t work, try Step 1.

A – Press “Clear the batch” and the pins will be pulled back. Open the door, now it’s possible to remove the pouches.

Order information

To ensure the fastest implementation of our machines in your distribution process we need to know which brand-packaging machine you’re working with. We can manually adjust our software to your specifications.

Within 2-4 weeks from ordering we can deliver the machine(s). A Blisterpartner specialist will perform the installation.

The total implementation of the Pouch Inspector and the Cut&Roll to your production process will take 1-2 days.

Education & training

With the Pouch Inspector we offer an in-house training (half a day). This training will be given to the assigned employees of your company. The training includes using the machines and using our web-application Pi Web.